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  Root Design  
About Us
  Interior Design Millwork CAD Residential

ROOTDesign offers 20 years of experience in Architectural Millwork, Interior Design and the high-end Kitchen industry.  

We strive to incorporate:


Authentic Period Design sympathetic to the style of your home whether it be

Arts & Crafts, West Coast Bungalow and Mid-Century Modern or a European

vernacular such as Victorian, Queen Anne, Edwardian & Tudor to name a few.

Superior design solutions and high-end craftsmanship details for new or renovated homes or business's.

Expertise in building materials and interior construction to craft your

requirements into aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions.

The Principles of Design in our projects including Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis, Proportion and Harmony.

The Golden Mean, the Greek theory of proportion used in the arts and architecture industries for hundreds of years.

The Most Current appliance, equipment, plumbing, lighting, tile, flooring and window coverings available on the market today.

Accurate Dimensioning to current building codes and interior design standards.

Efficient solutions in a timely manner to suit your budget.


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